A body kit is an illegal housing for an AI that mimics the body of Human, Aandrisk, or other sapient. Though highly illegal, with a penalty of up to twenty standards for simply owning the tools used to manufacture one, it is possible to get one through illegal means. Sidra uses a human-style body kit in A Closed and Common Orbit.

Body kits are superficially very similar to organic bodies.They have extremely realistic skin, hair, feathers, etc. that will hold up to a high amount of scrutiny, even having fake blood, as to not arouse suspicion if the host is cut. Kits are waterproof, do not need to breath or eat, and can survive in the vacuum of space unassisted for some time. They run on the kinetic energy that is gathered as the kit goes about their daily activities. The kinetic energy harvester is extremely efficient, and will only run out if the kit lies motionless for a number of days. This means the kit only needs an initial charging to function. Kits are designed to begin to fail around the same time the species the kit's design is based on reaches the end of its average lifespan. The AI the kit is hosting will not be destroyed, giving the AI the option to receive a new kit, or deactivate and die.

Even though kits do not need to eat, drink, breath, sleep, or have sex, they do receive stimulus from participating in these activities. While kits do not have taste or smell receptors, AI do receive visual stimulus from a store of images within the kits base software. For example, if an AI takes a sip of a warm drink, they will be supplied with the image of a cute cat. Although they can eat food, kits cannot digest it, so they must be emptied before the food begin to rot inside them.

Kits are highly convincing, but the AI that use them must keep up a certain level of deception to keep themselves from being suspected. An AI must mimic pain if necessary, as they cannot feel it themselves, and make sure not to let on they do not have to breath to people they do not trust. Aandrisk models are advised to take a few days off every standard and stay at home to mimic molting. Certain things can interfere with kits programming, including bots in moving tattoos, which will cause the kit to go into total shutdown until the bots are turned off.