1. A Deepod is a personal transportation pod that travels using a pinhole drive to travel through the sublayer and therefore go faster than regular ships in areas with no direct sublayer lanes/convoy tunnels. Passengers are sedated during their journey. Rosemary Harper travels via Deepod to arrive on board the Wayfarer. They leave from regular shuttleports most everywhere in the GC.
  2. Deepods tend to run on cheap scrub fuel and are not considered a nice way to travel. They tend to be small, with only enough space for an occupant and their luggage. They have integrated AI with limited functionality and do not have any amenities a traveller would want to have in an ideal situation.
  3. Deepods are somewhat regulated by the GC, however it is never mentioned how. There is debate on whether this minimal level of regulation is sufficient or not at least in the 1st book.