Eyas is a 32 year old human caretaker on the homesteader Asteria. As a caretaker she is responsible for the care, decomposition, and dispersal of human remains as well as leading funerals (called "laying ins") and counselling family members on loss. She is very devoted to her job, as a caretaker helped her work through a loss and it touched her deeply, making her want to be a guiding light during loss for others that he had been for her. Despite this early drive to be a caretaker, she had a brief period as a teenager when she had a Gaist period and planned to be a missionary. She grew out of this phase, however.

Though she loves her job, she recognizes the strain it puts on her personal relationships, as many of the Exodans see her as a person to be respected and keep her at a distance. She lives alone and it is implied she is not close to her mother (she describes her as a "romantic" when asked about why she was given her unique name). Her closest friend is a host works in a tryst club and lives on the Ratri named Sunny who she sees as a client.

After the death of Sawyer, Eyas feels there is something missing in her life, and cannot help but think about how the Exodan traditions, which she cares deeply about, will die out if the Exodan fleet does not become more welcoming to outsiders. Together, her and Sunny begin an Exodan immigration program to teach outsiders about Exodan life inside the fleet and encourage people to move there.

Eyas's name is an old Earth word for 'Hawk'.