Ohan is a Sianat Pair who serves as the Navigator on board the Wayfarer. He later received the cure for The Whisperer and became a Solitary.

Appearance and Personality Edit

As a Sianat Pair, Ohan is focussed on the patterns of space-time, and rarely interacts with others of any species. They are careful about their health, only eating nutrient paste and never leaving the ship. They represent complex mathematics through patterns shaved into their fur, and patterns of clicking sounds.

History Edit

Ohan grew up on the Sianat homeworld, and was infected with The Whisperer in childhood. How they came to join the crew of the Wayfarer is unknown.

On board the Wayfarer, Ohan was largely reclusive, staying in their room unless needed to navigate subspace during a punch. They began to Wane on board the ship, and were nearing the end of their life during the journey to Hedra Ka. Although they struggled to show it, they appreciated the care of Dr Chef and the rest of the crew, and were content with their approaching death.

When they discovered the ship had stopped at Arun for supplies, Ohan became uncharacteristically angry, knowing that the Solitary - heretics to the Sianat religion - lived there. They refused the cure for The Whisperer that the crew returned with, and were grateful when Ashby refused to administer the cure against their will.

By the time of the jump from Hedra Ka, Ohan was close to death. When the ship became stranded in subspace, they were only able to navigate with constant medical care from Dr Chef, and nearly passed out before completing the journey. In the wake of the disaster in Toremi space, and the death of Lovey, Corbin became angry and refused to let Ohan die, instead injecting them with the cure against their will.

Now a Solitary, Ohan considered joining the society on Arun, but decided he would prefer to stay on board the Wayfarer. He began to socialise more with the rest of the crew, even Corbin, who he apparently forgave for curing him.