Port Coriol is a tidally-locked moon in GC space, a recurring location in the Wayfarers series, visited in The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, and is the main setting for A Closed and Common Orbit.

The Markets

Coriol itself is known for the markets situated on the side of the moon that perpetually faces the sun. These markets consist of streets filled with open-air shopfronts. There are also numerous junk heaps and grounded ships that have been emptied and transformed into warehouses and eateries.

The Markets of the Port are described as 'anything but corporate'. The colony has an 'anything-goes-attitude' which inspires some to find it appealing, and others to find it distasteful. While the Port has a laid-back approach to what business occurs in the markets, those that challenge port authority aren't allowed to continue said business. Due to the carefully-managed state of black-market affairs, the marketplace is far from riddled with crime. Illegal activities are limited to low-stake scams which target more naive, gullible visitors, such as students or tourists.

The Tech District

The underground marketplace, also known as 'The Caves', is home to a community of tech enthusiasts - many of which are modders. The shops that are situated there focus on the buying and selling, exchanging, and repairing of technological goods. An example of one of these shops is 'The Rust Bucket', which belongs to Pepper.