This page is a timeline of all known events in the universe of the Wayfarers series.

Since the series uses multiple calendars, a conversion of 1 Galactic Commons Standard = 500 Sol days has been used.

Pre-Series Edit

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet Edit

  • Day 130 Standard 306 - Rosemary Harper arrives on board the Wayfarer.
  • D 145 S 306 - The Wayfarer is offered a job tunnelling from Hedra Ka to Tokath Gateway.
  • D 163 S 306 - The Wayfarer stops for supplies at Port Coriol.
  • D 245 S 306 - The Wayfarer is boarded by Akarak pirates.
  • D 249 S 306 - The Wayfarer stops at Cricket in order to purchase a shield grid.
  • D 335 S 306 - Pei's ship docks with the Wayfarer for repairs after a mine goes off on board.
  • D 397 S 306 - The Wayfarer stops at Hashkath, so that Sissix can visit her hatch family.
  • D 45 S 307 - While travelling through Quelin space, Corbin is discovered to be a clone, and subsequently arrested. He is rescued a few days later when Sissix becomes his legal guardian.
  • D 121 S 307 - The Wayfarer stops at Arun and discovers the colony of Solitary Sianats there.
  • D 157 S 307 - The Wayfarer arrives at Hedra Ka and attempt to create the tunnel they were hired to build. However, as they enter subspace they are fired upon by a Toremi ship. They narrowly manage to return to normal space, but Lovey suffers a critical cascade failure as a result of the blast.
  • D 158 S 307 - Jenks, Kizzy and Pepper reset Lovey in the hopes of restoring her. The reset fails, creating a new installation of Lovelace, who decides to leave with Pepper. Unwilling to accept any more loss, Corbin cures a critically-ill Ohan of The Whisperer against their will.
  • D 169 S 307 - Ashby testifies about events at Hedra Ka to the Galactic Commons Parliament at Hagarem.